Космос Частная СобственностьThe star's horizon,
He svistnet – tremble Moon;
But against the law
His science was not strong.

( A.s. Pushkin. Ruslan and Ludmila)

Time always comes without warnings. It's nothing anyone says and appears then, When he wants. ૐ Time awaits no ╬…

“Female dogs”


The death of a woman. Here's a sign
In the Palm of your, the young man.
The seventh eye! Pray! Beware! The Enemy
Keeps watch at midnight.
◪ ◩ Love – Just. Wound – Fast. ◩◪


КосмосDon't tell me Star – not learn then:
Who, Why, where will, to meet the forever.
That's our flight leaves at Starship,
To accurately see Cosmos black like sings.

(Mumiy Troll, or something similar to it)

In space there is nothing except the Energies. All this revolves, turns, is converted, improved. Are Present ( ( ( ✭✭✭ Cosmos ✭✭✭ ) ) )

!#№;”%?* My name doesn't sound * # $ ^%& as, However, and your…

kosmos alfa omega 8 infinities gold

kosmos 8 infinities

Here's the MOP.. AA!?
It's got to this černâgu utvorit′?!!!

Info, You'll learn now, will change your view of the world formed prior to this, and it is commensurate only with the opening of the new Space Read more

Планетарная помощь

Hello любимые! ^)
После достаточно продолжительных размышлений было принято судебное заключение и сейчас будет оглашено решение относящееся к несанкционированной хозяйственной деятельности на Planet Land.

Вся мудрость The Universe
скрыта в каждом Her миллиметре
- не зачем желать слишком многого,
When solution находится прямо перед тобой.

Всем известно, что дела в правительственных кругах Read more

10 лет сайту БеСКоНеЧнОгО КоСмОсА

КоСМоС НаМ, ДрУзЬя!

Сегодня исполнилось 10 лет с момента появления сайта БеСкОнЕчНыЙ КоСМоС в сети интернет, Although, мне кажется, что должно быть 11.

Идея БеСКоНеЧнОгО КоСмОсА оказалась на столько полезной и привлекательной, что за это время у нас появилось огромное количество подражателей повсеместно, правда все они ничего не смыслят в КоСмОсЕ и БеСкОнЕчНоСтИ, но им успешно удается обманывать свою публику.

Происходит много всего интересного, много изменений в Мире, которые проводит БеСкОнЕчНыЙ КоСМоС. Perhaps, скоро вы не узнаете этот Мир. При удобном случаеряд вопросов будет освещён.

Так как состояние медицины крайне плачевное: ничего не лечат – not excluded, что придется оказывать помощь нуждающимся. Но это зависит от наличия свободного времени.

Сегодня погода должна быть хорошейнаслаждайтесь. :)

The Beginning Of The End

So we got to The end of the This Era ЛжИ and РаБоТоРгОвЛи, которая началась, approximately 6000 years ago. Impression, that He happens a little later, but, apparently, He decided to take the initiative.
Just wanted to say, that This is The beginning of the The end of the.

Any way, all, who loved Cosmos and those, who defended and protects His the interests of the, get into the best possible Worlds. You can say: ” to God bosom”. Even if the “activists” about you don't know or don't know.

With Holiday Win!

Strange. Earlier people were defending their homeland, and now protect the property of fascists. The army in some countries (for example, with a population of up to 15 million. man) so rotten, that is not able to determine who is a friend, and who is the enemy.

Our ancestors defended their homeland: Forest, River, Sea, Land, Nature, Cosmos. Now “the defenders” protect “pea caciques” , his minions, the plunder of property, “kashcheyev Immortals” and “waste”, that all this Home destroyed.

Read more

A letter to the Government of Russian Federation (Russian Federation)

+++A copy of the correspondence of the Government of the Russian Federation (Of The Russian Federation)+++

Your State (Of The Russian Federation) are given the opportunity to join the Empire of infinite space on voluntary-voluntary.
More information about the structure and the composing spaces has links in the document. The required documents are attached to the letter. Read more

Love for …

Love makes man weak.
Space love makes a man strong.

Love can make a person too weak,
Read more

Without a doubt

Do not hesitate to: brilliant

“The world every Read more

At The North Pole

“Do not renounce his art: lighten up the path.”
Read more


Космическая красотаYou dream of freedom?
What do you think about it?
Pasha to death in the garden
(at work, at the factory)
Until you direct
Economy “Pigs”.

In large spaces, high-degree of freedoms behavior, There is a temptation to cheat Nature, and, squeezing the best out of all available Spaces, reset “products of own life” the owners of larger Read more

The KGB and mating

Солнце отвернулосьThis will not even in the movies:
You're in power and you …

In small countries with a population of, usually, up to 20 million, the secret services have special status. Because they face no one knows, They magically, incredible, elusive and always Read more

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