Космос Частная СобственностьThe star's horizon,
He svistnet – tremble Moon;
But against the law
His science was not strong.

( A.s. Pushkin. Ruslan and Ludmila)

Time always comes without warnings. It's nothing anyone says and appears then, When he wants. Just curious what the, that for someone the time comes, and for someone – No. If both types of Creatures are in range of each other – their time might share those to whom it came, with those to whom time is not willing to come, If this is what they need and they want. (For Example, children with their parents, or relatives of each other.) Thanks to this time goes smoothly. Sometimes, those to whom Time did not wish come try to steal it from those, to whom it already came. And sometimes it turns out. (For Example, unhealthy mentally or physically objects having the power, those who did not have such power.) Because of this Time loses its smooth flow. Feel free to share Time with their parents and children: because thanks to them you have. Share your time with loving you relatives, expensive to you people and people like you – because thanks to them, you have time to think and understand all this.

If The Substance, the Time had come, visibly broke up – other envy start to gnaw on the elbows (or buttocks) and try to develop weapons, to enslave those, who are at odds over time. Envy – bad counselor.

If weapons and destruction plan prepared – attack begins. Usually it is sudden and sharp. Perhaps, even, under the guise of proposals on cooperation. The first stage of enslavement of such friendly races are usually the most dramatic, brazen and sudden. Such, What about it, even, It is difficult to imagine.

All this is done with the aim of gaining control of the Race, who is friends with time. After All,, If they never turn away – does the race of the gods. Intruders very charmed by the possibility of having already domesticated grazing Gods in their own household.

If the rate of medical excellence – Sometimes you notice, that the capacity of medicine sometimes can surprise. With sufficient potential to repot the internal organs, Paul surgically change, to continue the life cycle without some body parts or organs, with due skill it is possible to achieve “outstanding” results in the form of a separately living sex smart halves of the same organism. Before Holy God, Of course, still very far away, but for not understanding what's going on, lost in the world of the body – relatively high levels of.

“Heavy Demons”

The forcible division of the body into parts occurs, When “A Large Demon” It is not possible to destroy the whole primary forms. To do this,, usually, and it Division, to weakened intellectually and physically part of the crush smaller controlled pulses.

In such cases, the offenders believe, that all means are good and you must go to the end. Because at stake an opportunity to have your own House of God (or an entire race such), Which will bring Endless profits.

If in primary forms “Incredible Daemon” or a potential home God is able on their own to create entire planets or galaxies – in chopped form capabilities will be significantly less. For Example, time management within one planet and some manipulation to elements.

In even more shredded form it will already be a manipulation with the elements and the influence on the mind of similar Creatures. Perhaps, Hypnosis, telepathy, change of functions of internal organs and the, what you might call magic.

In any case, all these actions imply freedom, but never the slave portion of House of God. And it's not the most desirable condition for the slave system.

After, as the planet of death it took several cycles of destruction of indigenous people, There is a serious problem the rebellious freedom-loving wizards, magicians and other creatures of high frequency Vibration. After All,, wherever Spitfire, with a natural device of the world no one agrees, to heel pimple managed the entire organism and pointed head, what she needs to do.

The problem is neither white or black sorcerer, but they want to be free. Is it in universal freedom of any part of the body will listen to orders of brainless heel pimple? Therefore, pryŝu need to get rid of all the, who is able to think.

“The River Of Time”

On some Planets Time has simple properties of fluidity. AND, If you try to Space Time – It will resemble a continuous stream or river, which flows only in one direction. What could this mean?

Река Времени

The event model you can portray the Past top, The future at the bottom, and now at the intersection of past and future, i.e.. somewhere in the Middle. In the space of Vibrations it may be represented as an ordered set of Frequencies in the visible spectrum. It is a normal Rainbow.

Each frequency band is all the creatures, living in a certain territory or the planet, Consciousness whose Vibrates with a frequency. With a natural device of life harmonious order reigns and autocracy, where my own boss and Chief of the, who more perfect. Of course, under these conditions, no one will want to share their technology and expertise, that's inept hands can cause irreparable harm to. Usually, in such cases, it is about magical knowledge and technology. That will not clear any pâtočnomu pryŝu, even if they become known to him. That in turn raises two tuber requirements:

1) “You all are my slaves.”

2) “All of the knowledge and technology should belong to me and to be understood.”

How to achieve it? Just: enough to kill all of the body with high-frequency Showers. And leave only those, You can control the. For heel pimple It's all frequency bands other than red, because he himself is parasite of the red band.

Пропавшее Время

By elaborate havoc together with war, disasters and other misfortunes, are the media attempts to annihilate all possible Vibrations. In the first place, Of course, efforts are aimed at owners of secret knowledge, who are not enemies and horrible., in turn,, leads to the disappearance of magic itself, in case of success.

It happened, that the greatest threat to any existing power on the planets Death bears the Violet Vibration. Because the unnatural power always seeks to destroy, even, possibility of Beings Lavender Frequency directly in the bud.

Distemper and artificial chaos is required her Achilles ' pimples and shoe ŝëtkam in order for the, to mislead and poputat′ thought all creatures, located in the middle of events. In the hustle and bustle of many defenceless and not predupreždënnye are before the fact of survival by fraud, fraud, not justice and focused intentional destruction.

Using chaos in this fit in zabytie all past and create indefinite Future, very distant from that, the natural way. On the planets Death try to maintain Chaos until either disappear all natural History, or will their significance. That's why they have multiple or no ongoing world wars, which follow one after the other, or battle with demigods.

After the memory is safely submerged in fog, construction begins to clear “a bright future”. And controlled by it, usually, “black hands”. No Doubt, such a future could be just dark, because everything looks after lurking chaos, which takes each “prozrevšego” slave, that more declines to understanding, that Future, most likely, generally will not.

Theft of technology and capacity-building.

When there is no access to accumulated knowledge naturally – they try to steal. If the thieves ' idea was unsuccessful – theft of technology happens surreptitiously.

After destroying all the carriers of knowledge and technology (with a view to eliminating possible resistance) begin a long-term process of theft of technology and not yet implemented capacity-building under the pretext of “universal development” and “the movement in the future”. This is due to the incorporation of new scientific discoveries, that become available to any ' staroispečënnomu King-Emperor or already at the stage of registration. It is also important that, that, in case of inconsistency between the established interests of scientific discovery Forced the authorities, It is not valid and is not recognized (so that becomes publicly known), but it is famous for the honor of registrars, getting thus the maniacs in power. So their power is strengthened and becomes more resilient, While the need for smart scientists there too. Moreover, with in-demand technologies and developments, You can profit from selling the devices necessary for living in various parts of the world. And if you steal something, What has been claimed in the past – so, in the future, on this one you can earn: as the need has not gone.

This approach allows you to accumulate with technologists, technology, techniques to popularize science and less important do minor (or even hide) the most powerful knowledge and concept. And magic, which was previously not available, may already be, even, private property, but only now under a different name.

Stages of enslavement.

There are three main phases of the enslavement of the planets:

1) Sudden attack, which can be thought of as a low-pass or Fall explosion.

2) Linear suppression is weakened “objectives”.

3) Finishing the race and stealing the remaining capacity.

If the first two stages are quite candid destructive actions – the third – are local pockets of military campaigns.

For some reason, If in the universe without a fundamental natural development appears a promising form of life, capable of their own volition to create entire planets, cities and various creatures – It may not be desirable, even, for their own creators, in the case of, If the level of their intellectual capacities far below the newly born life forms. The part of the creators may resort to trying to destroy the, created by common efforts.

In order to achieve this goal, they can go on comprehensive measures consisting of several elements:

1) To create the illusion of a natural self destruct.

2) Gradual decomposition of Holistic life forms into smaller.

3) Theft of all available values, energies, -building.

What can be the following::

1) Under the pretext of cooperation is made a sharp attack on all fronts, includes, Suppression of thought, Suppression forces, the Suppression of freedom of, creating dependencies. Making possible the implementation of the first phase of decomposition. The most dangerous stage: If unsuccessful, you can disappear from the universe prematurely.

2) Installation of control of target area. This can be expressed in the form of aid, you are supposed to have a podselâemye on the Planet creatures, good knowledge and who are aware of their tasks,.

3) Destruction of the captured planet and the life on it under any convenient pretext. (Used excuses about lack of own actions)

In the case of the successful formation of the power of control over the target area part of resources primarily spent on feeding and strengthening of executive power, which are necessary for the existence of the power of criminals on society. Usually it's around 70% manufactured resources.

Salary of the Executive Force is calculated for the number caught them “criminals”. The more caught “intruders” – the higher salaries. If “intruders” No – means the Executive Force are idling! Because, There can be no such, to normal Beings do not violate criminal laws. Because they were created precisely in order, as a result of violent pressure and destruction of explanatory phone on release of the concentrated systematic anger, which provides for deprivation under criminal laws. There can be no such, to “mouse” not trying to get around and break the laws “mouse trap”. Therefore,, No criminals in such countries speaks about bezdel′ničestve by the Executive Force.

“Mice” sometimes give the illusion of protection under the pretext of the possibility to lodge a complaint against the theoretical abuser. That is the reason for punishment and aggression and razdražënnosti within the society.

In the ranks of the army of performers on the planets Death, usually, try to recruit “monkeys”, which technical ammunition subsequently turn into armed “monkeys”.

Temporary holes.

Armed with the brain bones “domestic monkeys” seek to protect themselves from a theoretical enemy on all fronts. Some teams are podsmatrivaniem the future with special collecting mirrors. Knowing, that any forcible power is based on technologies and thanks to the concentration of someone else's attention – attackers look out in their building mirrors the most vivid events and manifestations. Then put all the available financial flows (at that time they are) the development of podsmotrennoj ideas. If enough capacity controlled – the true bearer of the idea may be in limbo, because “game” is not following the rules. If capacity is not enough – Media, usually, either “driven under the heel or skirting”, or just remove. (Take advantage of the freedom of choice: Select the option, which do you like better.)

So owners of the building mirrors may be “ahead of the rest”. That makes it easy to install about whom is it.

Time has its own laws: all the past has a Future, that occur in the present. Attempted theft of time leads to temporary holes. In some countries, are trying to remake the current events and steal all the best, imposing its own utopian model. If this occurs – the residual can be facts of theft of States. Which sometimes are persecuted “law” wandering elders. The remains of the wise vedunov, that for defense weapons do not use – Most evidence of the former peace-loving culture, civilians which because of the lack of understanding of become slaves “the new order”.

Gradual decomposition takes sometimes follows:

1. Divine abilities are suppressed to magic.

2. The magic of decomposed to physics.

3. Physics formula to, computing, Mathematics.

4. Math to programming.

5. Programming to templates.

6. Templates to dual choice (Yes or no), reaction to robots.

7. Thus the life form into biorobots.

Even such trivial chain allows you to understand, that “best always go first”. That's why the “End Of The World” among the population of the planet, usually, There are remains of slowly decaying garbage (who is comfortable with), criminal gangs, naive “newest submissions”, and assistance “Top”.

For breaking the laws of time, Laws Development, for theft, the destruction and the destruction of Time, capacity and resources are deeply mentally ill organisms assigned clinical treatment fundamental level in a specialized medical institution.

P.S. Time moves towards the end of the, and the inevitability of covers the world with their Endless Wings.

Music sketching.

Eduard Artemev – Le Mort Du Héros (Camping).

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