НаселениеFor experimental purposes on some Planets can regenerate various kinds of consciousness, many of which may be foreign to each other. Usually, This is because of the low level of development of the warring types, that is quite common for different groups of microbes. If some of them doryvaûtsâ to “the King's throne” – do not hesitate to use all available resources in a private feud. Thus dorks bring pereroždënnyh highly developed beings on them the position to destroy them for the sake of their own whims in the wars of microbes.

In some Universes are quite a large number of different types of consciousness. And among them there are such, that develop. :) There are also such, which “develop” by stealing technology from the, who develops.

So on some Planets in the same time interval can be not only creatures of different measurements, The substance of the various stages of development, The merits of different types of consciousness, The merits of various power supplies, but the Creatures from different time periods. For Example, Despite the similarity of external bodies, in the space of one world can simultaneously be highly developed creatures from far and near of a Galaxy, Low developed being, a resident from the past, a resident from the future, Consciousness of particles of a pulsating star, the sword or the ultimate weapon, River, Lake, Sea, Consciousness of microbe, Star dust, part of the orbit of the electron, Consciousness of technical devices, buildings or structures, information program, modified Soul, The consciousness of an asteroid and other options. That's why everyone in the World has the characteristic features of his Personality.

No matter how had fate on the planets Death, but the best go first, because good perform individual tasks, which causes the time.

Many attackers seek to exploit the superficial confusion for profit. Being more clear than others, they seek to provoke the illusion of chaos and hopelessness in the minds of others. With unimaginable cunning, steal biological resource organisms, reducing the life expectancy of local people twice or three. You have the audacity to argue, that is the result of the inevitability and the impermanence of Existence, the advent of which they and pohlopotali.

For killing people under the guise of natural death and stealing the Energy of life, responsibility of the assassin, mental illnesses to be treated with the help of space medicine.

Music sketching.

Eduard Artemev – The girl and dolphins.

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