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ДэвыEach creature is developing according to its own Standard. Even not knowing or not knowing it, Substantive development cycle is precisely because of this Standard. Read more


КосмосDon't tell me Star – not learn then:
Who, Why, where will, to meet the forever.
That's our flight leaves at Starship,
To accurately see Cosmos black like sings.

(Mumiy Troll, or something similar to it)

In space there is nothing except the Energies. All this revolves, turns, is converted, improved. Are Present ( ( ( ✭✭✭ Cosmos ✭✭✭ ) ) )

The Silence Of The

Молчание Будды
We can silent – and World plunge into the silence of the.
( ( ( Space Is Endless ) ) )


СуществоThe river delights,
City power,
Space art
And the words of faithfulness,
People, pazliki, Christmas, each substance
Is a Creature.

(Victor Khlebnikov subtly suggested, I guess :) )

The Concentration Of Energies.

Let us return to our “glasses”, Spaces, Layers, Vibrations. Energy, concentrating, from the low frequency reach the Plane Plane high frequency. And Nice to be ♡ ♡ Space lyrics. So you and Ta, that Heavenly ♡ ♡

Universe. The Right Of Free Will. The Right To Freedom Of Choice.

Космос. Вселенная. Фиолетовый. Синий.

You razmahivaeš′ the bow of Orange,
Green, yellow or red banner.
And I burn, in all spaces of radiating,
The Purple the blue flame…

Have The Right Of Free Will ✪ ✪ Love Space read more.

The Devas. Sin. Rotten Karma. Opposites.

image…You slivaeš′ on living fictional you “Madame Tussauds!”.
(A) “I” – Like burn Patterns!..

You need to be able to think, to not understand simple things, the meaning of which is, the entire development process in the universe occur before the State, in which the Read more

A Brief Weather Forecast. :)

imageI am confident that my Personality is the essence.
I believe in the essence of your personality, because the assertion, My Individuality is Special Content – Axiom. That saves me from having to prove it and protects my health from unnecessary hemorrhoids. But! because. everyone has a Personality, that is his own “I”, the Read more

Theory Of Spheres.

imageOn the rocks, flying in winds, Sea.
Meanings rotating, I thought your.

Are you If you lose all forms, soaring high.
IN The Mental Space am I.

You're painting on stones. Outside Time “I”.
Are you sea foam! (A) “I”Purple. :) Read more

Sfry Consciousness and the brain


The Mind.

Creating A Lovely Worlds,
The Supreme Intelligence lights The Fiery Сферы.
Satisfies desire without measure,
Slips SOAP bubbles… Read more

The Device Of The Soul (Consciousness).

imageIf you received, The God Life, endorsement,
For help Life Energy, in the development of Own Consciousness
- the, accumulating Knowledge,
You must increase the IMPRESSIONS.
All we have seen in the, that our Consciousness – It's Rainbow Colors visible for us Spectrum Frequencies, that matches our Energy Vortexes, i.e.. Glaive. So does this Colors correspond to the seven main Read more

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