The Mind.

Creating A Lovely Worlds,
The Supreme Intelligence lights The Fiery Сферы.
Satisfies desire without measure,
Slips SOAP bubbles…

The Fiery Sphere.

Volume Of Sphere – It is your awareness, Understanding, Impressions, Table Of Contents, Experience, Depth Of Thought, Lucid Ability.
Surface Sphere – These are the results, that gives Her the amount, surface manifestations of, i.e.. various fruits “intellectual work”.

Biological Brain, the skull is, represents a “receiver” Vibration, From Consciousness. With, Radiation not only your consciousness. Or to be more precise – You always take Not your vibration, until the learn to Radiate Own! The more Alive Neurons involved in your Life, the better your ability to Take Vibration. The number of these neurons is directly proportional to the square of the Surface The Cerebral Cortex. Volume Brain “is engaged in” providing the necessary functionality of these Living Neurons. I.e.. as in the Fields: Volume – The Reason, Surface – Result, Volume – It's Table Of Contents, Surface – It's The Result. After the hit of vibration on Cell (neurons) Brain, It is processed and radiates The Body, sending impulses to various organs. An example of, that your brain receives other Vibration The Consciousness: the work of any internal organ. You can manage at least one internal Body in your own Body? That's why, before the, as you will learn from this, helps you The Supreme Intelligence. It Is The Mind: because, that NeRazum can only make a mess. A Good effect is based on the Understanding. NeRazuma management example – a cancerous tumor.

All cells Head The brain may recover if the damage is. This requires a sufficient Living Impressions. Restore is possible and cells Central The Nervous System, and, even, rotten teeth – you only need to know how to.


Right Brain synchronizes to interact with Volume Your Сферы Consciousness.
Left Hemisphere is synchronized with Surface Your Space Consciousness.
The great elasticity of your neurons, the higher the degree of interaction and the extent of contact. Elasticity determines the level of your overall sensitivity.
The surface area of a sphere, the more “flames” your Сферы, and, Therefore, higher speed and rotation patterns. But this requires a corresponding volume. I.e.. always take care, to right hemisphere was always greater than left! If more becomes the left hemisphere – going to focus on “surface values“, increases the “surface pressure“, and your sphere of consciousness begins to squeeze! That leads to the waste of Volume Impressions! In any case, this should not be allowed! This happens also in the case of actions of different drugs, only this version has enhanced destruction of your Internal The Amount Of Energy.

Complex Formulas.


Complex rotation.

As you can see the entire device World It is clear even Child. Everything is based on simple principles, but each of them is special, i.e.. qualitatively different from other. And if you notice something new – This will be Qualitatively New for you. I.e.. introduce new Impressions in your internal volume. I.e.. There is no cloning. And this means that, that, If you for any reason are forced to clear for you, clearly visible and identifiable objects, describe the complex formulas, your “the finds” hide. I.e.. introducing a simple object in the form of complex formulas – you have to say, that this объект very complex. Although any scientist can you confirm, that all that he sees – just as easy, as balls and cubes, in his eyes. It also indicates the, that “head” the scientist does not have the appropriate vision of thin layers, (a) formula It is clear to use. And this is just a set of characters with some rearrangement, that compares to a one-dimensional Space with the claim of a half measure. And it means, that the volume of the spheres of consciousness “head” corresponds to the volume Consciousness, in a world with 1.5 dimensions. I.e.. If someone wants to upgrade Time whistle in One Dimensional Space – can be so “head”.
Who needs it? It is clear to anyone Desires more than Natural Opportunities. I.e.. obsčityvaâ structure of high Layer, by manipulating a highly developed Consciousness, Linden “head” destroys the Natural energy reserves, not available. And all this repeated violation Metadogovora and oduračivanie of living Creatures. I.e.. crime against life itself. That proves that, that life itself “the head of” indifferent and is not A Valuable for him. Because. each reserved its Volume Life – the amount of shared Life destroyed by none other than the Amount dedicated arm (“the head of”). I.e.. “head” just killed himself by his own will, but since he had not had the courage to do it yourself (How did Japanese) – He, reliability for, requested the help of the Advanced The Mind (God), who is able to see the object Life your own Vision. The Amount Of, that exceeds the allotted “the head of”, but spent, will be developed “head”, then will “head” will be performed (in accordance with the The Initial The Principle Of Free The will for this The Universe, in which everyone is free to decide for Themselves), If there are no other options to apply this Consciousness.


Little Rose :)

I.e.. Here's to you, Guys, an actual example of how “surface” pressure Сферы Consciousness can destroy the entire scope of your own Consciousness, such a crafty way. That's why you always need to watch, to Surface Pressure assisted Area Be Filled Volume.
In other words, monitor elasticity surface.

PS “Zeus”TS.
Not Roy another pit of evil, and the bury your head and nobody will save. :)

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