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SuicideAnd I červonnoû shirt
Proud, the bit between his teeth clenching, —
The war dressed in bore.
My dead eyes turning black point.

☸ Randomness legitimate ☸


СуществоThe river delights,
City power,
Space art
And the words of faithfulness,
People, pazliki, Christmas, each substance
Is a Creature.

(Victor Khlebnikov subtly suggested, I guess :) )

The Concentration Of Energies.

Let us return to our “glasses”, Spaces, Layers, Vibrations. Energy, concentrating, from the low frequency reach the Plane Plane high frequency. And Nice to be ♡ ♡ Space lyrics. So you and Ta, that Heavenly ♡ ♡

The Gods. All were right

The Gods live in The Divine World. God represents the highest level of development Creatures, and is a very The Essence Of The This Creatures.

I.e.. take, for example, River. Each river has its own Spirit. All Creatures, the combined concept of river- God rivers. I.e.. itself The essence of the River-God of rivers. Same thing with any other The Substance Of The.

One GodThe Essence Of God. I.e.. each separately Like An Endless Space…

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